When Promoting a Program or Opportunity
The Leading Cause of Failure is Inefficient Follow Up

“The Fortune is in the Follow-UP!!”
That’s a phrase we hear all the time. It’s almost a staple catch-phrase of business culture. Yet, most follow up campaigns fail. Most of the time it’s not because of a poor system. It’s simply because the follow up is not consistent. You have good intentions of following up. At first you are doing great with follow up, and then life gets in the way. Perhaps you get overwhelmed causing you to fall behind. Whatever the reason, the result is no qualified prospects to collect a decision from.  This leads thousands of dollars in potential revenue never coming to fruition.

Now you can avoid loosing opportunities because of inefficient follow up.  Follow up with your prospects in a timely manner for as little as $2 per qualified follow up. Keep reading to learn how you can sky rocket your sales while earning big ticket income referring others.

Your prospects are IMMEDIATELY contacted by your personal appointment setter -- oftentimes, while your red hot prospect is STILL on your website and at their hottest peak to get started!
And the best part is it can happen in real time.
Rejoice! You'll never call another lead again!
Let our highly trained, professional and award winning staff do all your telling and selling for you so you can live the life of your dreams while making more money than ever before!
With access to exclusive digital software ...
You'll NEVER have to call another lead again!
You'll NEVER have to deal with rejection!
You'll NEVER have to waste a minute sorting tire-kickers and chasing unqualified prospects!
Now you can quit giving up your nights and weekends away from family and fun.
The bottom-line is simple: Time freedom doesn't have to be a dream ... it can start right now and last forever!
This makes sponsoring new reps easy because your prospects will automatically respect you as a successful leader because you are being introduced by your own professional phone staff.
Plus, as a member you'll be able to honestly tell YOUR prospects they will never have to make a single call if they don't want to -- a huge reason why many are afraid to start a home business!
More money ... More fun ... More time freedom ... and more success ...
This is the HOTTEST new product for over six years with an exciting and lucrative affiliate program that pays HUGE cash.

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  What is myPhoneRoom and how Can We Help You…

In a nutshell, myPhoneRoom is a professional call center that specializes in calling and qualifying your leads for you. (100% US based in Phoenix Arizona - NO offshore employees)

We do all the sifting and sorting to uncover only the serious and qualified prospects for your business.

Now, you no longer have to waste your valuable time cold calling talking to unqualified, sometimes even downright rude prospects because we do the prospecting for you. 

We call your prospects at least eight times until we reach a live person.  We do not charge for calls that we do not reach, bad numbers, wrong numbers etc. - only yes's and no's, aka qualified and dis-qualified.

Live Connect - You receive a 3-way transfer from call center to YOU.  Get LIVE, instant 3-way transfer directly to you with qualified prospect for no additional charge at all three membership levels. A very powerful and professional way to connect in real time to your qualified prospects.

Plus, you also enjoy a much higher recruiting rate through the added credibility and professionalism that comes from having your own personal appointment setters for your business.





Membership Benefits




Retail Price $577.98 $1,599.98 $3,499.98
www.ExpertFollowUp.com  $577.98 $999.98 $1,599.98
Access to MPR Call Center At Exclusive Low Members Rates - Never pay for wrong numbers, disconnects, no answers, ONLY qualified and disqualified prospects.
Fully integrated easy to use lead manager.
Free Voicemail - No cost per minute
Auto-Responder for your Qualified Leads
Use MPR to Promote multiple opportunities
Two Max


Leads called in REAL TIME - Timing is everything!  MPR will call opt-in leads in real time that come from your website and/or voice broadcast message. You simply add your opt-in leads to your back office. N/A
Monthly subscription $27.98 $49.98 $49.98
MAX daily lead import (quality score managed responder leads) 250 500 750
HotLeadSource.com - Through a joint venture, our members are able to purchase exclusive, guaranteed, quality leads at discounted rates.  Great lead source for lower ticket  and MLM programs. Sold At
Sold At
Sold At
Lead Generation Mastery Training – Powerful training to teach you unique ways to market your business so you are driving traffic to your website
Raw Power Recruiting Training – Designed to teach you exactly what you should be saying to prospects to get them to say yes to you and your business. N/A
Email Marketing, Branding and List Building Training – Learn from our professional copywriter how you should be implementing these strategies into your business. N/A N/A
Call Center Credits - DQ / Q
1. Leads loaded must be responder leads
2. Leads must maintain quality score min levels
3. We do not cold call unless you have special permission
4. We do not call cheap 'email' auto-responder leads for YOUR protection (you would end up spending way to much overall plus it clogs the dialer)
5. We do not charge for calls that we do not reach, bad numbers, wrong numbers etc. - only yes's and no's, aka qualified and dis-qualified
6. Residential leads must contain dates and be less than 75 days old
7. Leads are usually called to completion within 16 days from upload.
8. Voice Broadcaster press one's and call back responses qualify as an opt-in lead that we will call. 
Call Center Credits
$2 / $4

10 Day Special
From Date of
Original Purchase

MPR Matches your
Call Center Credits

Purchase $100
They deposit $200
Purchase $300
They Deposit $600
Call Center Credits
$2 / $3

10 Day Special

From Date of
Original Purchase

MPR Matches your
Call Center Credits

Purchase $100
They deposit $200
Purchase $300
They Deposit $600
Call Center Credits
$1.50 / $2
Live Connect - You receive 3 way transfer from call center to YOU.  Get LIVE, instant 3-way transfer directly to you with any qualified prospect for no additional charge at all three membership levels.  A very powerful and professional way to connect in real time to your qualified prospects. No
Additional cost
  Billed at the normal qualified
lead rate
Additional cost
Billed at the normal qualified
lead rate
Additional cost
Billed at the normal qualified
lead rate
YOUR DIRECT COMMISSION For Paid Referrals - You are paid based on your membership level 1st Two
After Two
$400 to
$400 Paid on
Any Level Sale From 1st
to Infinity
1st Two
After Two
$800 to

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“As you know, myPhoneRoom is the #1 recommended tool in the world for marketers who NEVER WANT TO CALL ANOTHER LEAD AGAIN” “In 2015 We Will Celebrate Our 6th Birthday… Enroll Our 10,000th Customer AND Break 8-Figures in Sales!”


myPhoneRoom.com™ is a professional call center located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  Our staff consists of highly trained professionals that call and qualify our client’s leads for them.

We do all the sifting and sorting to uncover only those prospects who are serious and qualify for our clients unique business criteria.
Once we have a hot prospect, we immediately connect them with our client via a live 3-way phone call transfer.

Our clients no longer waste their valuable time making cold calls or talking to unqualified prospects because we do the prospecting for them!

Our clients also enjoy a much higher success rate through the added credibility that comes from having your own personal appointment setters for your business.

Plus, myPhoneRoom.com’s™ appointment setters are given advanced training in order to edify and position you as the expert and leader your prospects are looking for — an invaluable tool for success ONLY available from myPhoneRoom.com!

The Problem With Follow-Up No One Talks About

Everyone knows that the money is in the follow-up, but who actually has the time to follow-up with their prospects like they know they should be doing?

We provide your business with hands-on, personal follow-up – even when you can’t – 6 days a week!

Being consistent with your follow-up is often the determining factor to overcoming your prospects natural skepticism and fear.

Plus, we can also mail postcards or DVD’s and arrange for reminder phone calls and text messages on your behalf — we’re your one-stop for multi-media marketing and follow-up!

Work Smart, Not Hard

The key to success is leverage and working smarter, not harder.

By outsourcing their prospecting, our clients achieve the holy grail of leverage and are able to work less and make more!

Plus, they enjoy the time freedom to spend with their friends and family having fun.

Outsourcing is recommended by virtually all business coaches including Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss of “The 4 Hour Work Week,” and even by top trainer and networker Mike Dillard of “Magnetic Sponsoring.”

The Bottom-Line is Simple:

If you hate calling prospects, then myPhoneRoom.com™ is the answer to your prayers!

Our professional staff of highly trained appointment setters puts an end to your dreadfully dreary days of qualifying your leads manually!

myPhoneRoom.com™ Gives You:
  1. A professional image.
  2. Time freedom and leverage.
  3. Instant positioning as the successful leader your prospects are looking for.
  4. Professional scripting and review services.
  5. And much, MUCH MORE!

myPhoneRoom.com™ Is A MUST-HAVE If:

  • You hate the rejection and frustration of calling.
  • Your life is already very stressful and busy.
  • You want to double or even triple your income without putting in all the necessary time and work.
  • You want someone else to eliminate the losers and time-wasters so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and headache of it all.
  • You want to start enjoying living your life on your own terms.


I only talk to hot prospects now

“I hate cold calling leads, it is one of the most challenging things that must be accomplished for a home business to be successful. Thanks to all the staff at myPhoneRoom, now I only talk to HOT Prospects that have already been qualified for me!”

- Patrick LaPointe

Automatically boots the tire kickers to the curb for me!

“Since I work days it is not possible to accomplish what I need to do at night if I’m constantly trying to qualify leads.

“Being able to screen prospects (kicking the tire kickers) without any involvement on my part has been very nice to say the least.
Getting live 3-way connects with those who WANT what I have and getting my companies information in their hands and booked to my webinar has really helped me leverage my (limited) time.

- Lawrence Tam, Numis Rep., Sugar Land, TX

No more cold calling for me!

“I got started with myPhoneRoom because I had been struggling in my business with doing cold calling so when I found out I could have someone doing the cold calls for me and I could get right to the warm market I was very interested. I also wanted a valuable system to be able to help people I bring into my business to have this available for them too to help them succeed.”

- Lisa Roy

Googled you and got nothing but glowing reviews!

I started a Xango dealership for health reasons at first. Now a month later I’ve decided to build a business.

I never was a fan of hassling friends and family, and even though I can talk to people I started looking for a company that would do the cold call for me and then let me close the deal.

When I found myphoneroom I was impressed that when I searched for bad reviews of your company over the internet I couldn’t find any. So that was a big selling point for me, that this is a legit company working very hard.

- Brian Horn

“Enables us to market our business to qualified prospects”

Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful system. The most critical reason for joining myphoneroom is that it enables us to continually market our business to qualified prospects.

Trust me, we learned the hard way. After building a team of over 60,000 reps without a system that anyone could duplicate created major headaches on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

- Jason Parker
Executive member since 12/12/09

Gives me a professional image worth millions!

“After spending several months evaluating different marketing support systems I found that the overall benefits that my phone room could provide far surpassed any other single thing I could do to build my business.

Just having the personal and professional touch of a live person calling each of my prospects gave me the image I wanted to portray. And having myPhoneRoom sort out those who were worth taking more time with personally solved the problem of building “part-time”. Thanks Joshua for what you’ve put together for all of us.”

- Michael Murano

Perfect for full time parents trying to make a better future

I work a full-time job and I am a busy dad.. so there is no way I can be on the phone calling countless leads and wasting my valuable free time.

I felt I was wasting my energy/ time and was not enjoying my daughter after work and on the weekends. I was running in circles without results.

I chose myphoneroom platinum membership because I want to leverage smart and the only time I chose to be on the phone is when I have a qualified warm lead who is ready to talk to me and ready to join my business. No more Cold calling or prospecting on my end. Now I will have prospects interested in my top tier programs without me chasing them … wonderful, I love it, a dream come true!

I cannot wait to make even more money on the back end with myphoneroom platinum affiliate as I will be offering it to my new members to help them grow .

I consider this a perfect business model, a win-win situation for both me, my members and the myphoneroom.com

- Adam C., California

Time is money and myPhoneRoom gives me time to enjoy my money

I’ve chosen My Phone Room as my business partner after 5 years of being a full time earner for one simple reason. My time is valuable.

I can grind for 10 hours a day and produce results, but that’s not why I work for myself.

The motivation to earn a lot of money loses its appeal when you pay the price with your time, so it was a logical decision to outsource.

I looked at MPR for a LONG time, and called marketers who had testimonials on the website. Josh spent a LOT of time consulting and answering questions, by the time my “due diligence” was done, I was highly motivated.

The equation of leveraging “other peoples time” is simply good business

- Scott York

Training and support is phenomenal!

Being new to network marketing I knew I needed some guidance. My Phone Room has just what I needed to get my business moving. The training webinars are excellent and the staff are phenomenal. Plus, having them qualify my leads for me is such a huge help. With this kind of support I can only be successful!

Rick Yacko

Thanks to myPhoneRoom, I no longer waste my time or money making cold calls and talking to unqualified prospects

“I immediately saw the value of having myphoneroom as part of my business, simply because it saves me time.

Add to that the amount of wasted money and energy I was spending making phone calls myself, just to reach answering machines and speaking to non-qualified clients for my business, made my decision to leverage the services that myphoneroom offers a no brainer.

Living in Honolulu, Hawaii, time zones can become a real pain when trying to reach people in the continental U.S. The staff at myphoneroom was able to accommodate my challenge and made calls on my behalf that fit my busy schedule.

You can create your own phone script, use the one they already have, use theirs as a template and make changes according to your liking, or get assistance with creating one if none of those options work for you.

The best thing is, that’s just a small part of what they can do to help you grow your business.

If you value your time like I do, my advice to you is to check it out for yourself. It just may turn out to be one of the best business decisions you make this year.”

- Ed Nakamura, myPhoneRoom Founding Member, Honolulu, Hawaii

Instant time freedom – I love it!

“This leaves me time to train and personally help my people instead of being on the prospecting mode. This is also great for newbie's who don’t like rejection.”

– Ed B.

My reason for choosing myPhoneRoom?  Simple: LEVERAGE.

“As a longtime sales coach and trainer, I feel like I’m as good as anybody at engaging prospects and happily involving them in my business… but I have SO many other things to do to keep my business running at full speed!

I needed to leverage the skill of colleagues who are at least as good as I would be at engaging and exciting my contacts, at sifting and sorting and sending me only the RED HOT candidates.

In myPhoneRoom, I feel like I’ve found just such colleagues. Thanks, Team, for all the great things you do!”

- Michael Hume, Agents of Personal Change LLC

“Helps me accelerate my success”

“I joined myphoneroom.com to leverage my time and build a real company. Myphoneroom.com is the only system I found with professionalism to partner with to help accelerate my success and growth of my team.”

- Philip Cook

Seriously, Who ACTUALLY Likes Cold Calling?

“This is indeed an awesome system that all marketers need and want to have.

“The problem of cold calling and recruiting is one of the major hurdles in online and offline marketing.

“A majority of people are scared to death when it comes to cold-calling. This system truly eases this problem and empowers individuals to be pros in marketing. We all need this system: guru or no guru.”

- Maxwell

The ultimate time management tool!

Let’s face it, calling prospects is a very time-consuming process. This is especially so with those who are just “kicking the tires” and since I generate my own leads and also purchase leads, there just isn’t sufficient time to for me to contact people in a timely manner.

Now that myPhoneRoom is working on my behalf, I can now focus more on my business and only talk to people who have been qualified and interested in working with me.

Additionally, being affiliated with myPhoneRoom provides me with a reliable system which can be used to help people who join me better position themselves to succeed as well.

At the end of the day, myPhoneRoom helps me better leverage my time so that I can focus on other aspects of my business and life and spend quality time with my family notwithstanding the fact that it positions me to have a stronger bottom line.

-L. Stephen Miles, Englewood, NJ

A must have tool!

“My Phone Room is a must have tool for any one serious about building a business, from the novice, to the most seasoned professional.”

- Bruce Wells

I hated making phone calls — now I don’t have to!

“Network marketing is a truly great marketing model which causes many people to join them. Most fail because they can’t or don’t want to do the most important task of all which is to make phone calls. I was one of those so imagine my relief when I found myphoneroom who does the phone calls for their clients. No more phone calls. Hallelujah!”

- Ted Felber, CA

myPhoneRoom allows me to talk to people that are truly interested in my business

“I was developing a plan to ramp up my lead generation strategy and wanted to avoid being on the phone for most of the day talking to unqualified leads.  I thought about hiring an assistant but the cost and my time in training that person wasn’t attractive to me.

When I saw what My Phone Room had to offer it was a no brainer.  I now have professionals calling my leads and then I only talk to Qualified Prospects!  This allows me to enjoy the conversions I have with people that are truly interested in my business!!  This amount of leverage allows me to take my business to a whole other level!”

- Derek Bayer

Finally a service that lets you work smart instead of hard!

I am so excited to have come on board. I have been in networking for many years and have always dreamed about creating or at least having a service such as MPR to work with.

I am a business consultant and always preaching the message, “Work ON your business, not IN it” MPR makes this possible. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to a long and profitable partnership.

- Jim Pringle

People appreciate the human factor and personal contact

I became involved with My Phone Room due to the lack of time. Prospecting leads requires much time spent on the telephone that I just do not have. I personally believe that you must connect with people to generate solid prospects.

I know many only prospect via the internet anymore, but I personally think people really appreciate the human factor and personal contact.

My Phone Room is able to provide that personal contact, and save time by delivering only the serious people. I also believe that it truly ad’s to the professional appearance of my business.

- Christie from Missouri

myPhoneRoom gives me the leverage and time to be there for my 6 kids

My name is Jonathan Harris and I am low on time due to six kids who want my time and affection. My Phone Room is an excellent tool to help me save time by screening those people who are not serious & I want to speak only to those who are serious about building a business into a cash/wealth machine.

- Jonathan “Jay” Harris, Denver, CO - Platinum member

myPhoneRoom gives me instant credibility and gets my prospects fired up!

The program that I’m working is already powerful but what myphoneroom does to it brings a whole other entity which is essential to generating cash flow. Let me elucidate; it brings posturing, branding, enthusiasm, credibility, gets prospects on fire and motivated.

In turn, I get to build a relationship with these prospects where we become financially free in the process and that is priceless.

J. Joshua says it best, “People don’t join businesses. People join People!”

- Taliaferro Gardner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s the ULTIMATE time saver

Excited to have a system in place that can weed out leads that are not serious about building a business and saving me TIME in the process of building mine!

- Jeff Bernert

“Always looking for way’s to leverage myself”

I joined my phone room after hearing so much good information about the quality of service they offer.

I have an online business that I work from home and I’m always looking for way’s to leverage myself. The fact that MyPhoneRoom calls my leads in a professional manner and saves me so much time sorting through the uninterested leads was a very strong selling point for me.

I also love the fact that they help build my credibility in the eye’s of my prospects. This allows me to focus on building my business instead of chasing after unqualified prospects. This will help me talk to only the people that deserve my time, which let’s me build my business faster.

Thank you MyPhoneRoom.

– Kevin Drewlo

A “No Brainer”!

Hey J. Joshua I first want to say Thank you for creating an awesome company.

The reason I joined My phone room is because I am a Full time Serial Entrepreneur with a family, radio show and a local marketing company.

It is extremely tough to manage these responsibilities without some professional prospecting help . My phone room will assist me with consistent prospecting…

My phone room is a No Brainer for the Smart Marketer who understands leverage.

Thanks  J Joshua….

Create Momentum,

– Seth Ali

After 7 years in the trenches… I’m done with hearing “no

I joined MyPhoneRoom because I have been in the direct sales industry for 7 years and am tired of hearing NO. There are enough YES’s out there for all of us I just needed help weeding through the negative. Thank you MyPhoneRoom!!!

– Jack Martin

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